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PHILOSOPHYDeveloping a venture ecosystem  essential to society

The D-POPS GROUP is a conglomerate of companies that are developing their business by merging "Reality, Technology and Group Synergy".
We are working to create an unprecedented growth platform for venture projects that can provide a one-stop solution for companies within and also outside the group.

BUSINESSD-POPS GROUP's Business Strategy for the Realization of our Venture Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs Conglomerate Premium focus on ICT
The Conglomerate Premium of D-POPS GROUP specializes in telecommunication and IT ICT, and aims to establish a robust group immune to economic and external environmental fluctuations through revenue diversification from multiple companies and multiple businesses.

In promoting the Conglomerate Premium, we aim to build a synergistic relationship, commit strongly to our own business growth, mutually stimulate and support each other, and strive to become a group of business leaders who encourage challenges.
Incubation Platform for startup ventures
Based on the strategic concept of "Incubation Platform for startup ventures" , we at D-POPS GROUP have positioned ourself as a platform for developing next-generation leaders and have been supporting the growth of venture companies and business leaders. By creating a stage and environment that serve as fertile ground for venture companies to grow, we will generate a 'challenge spirit' that will revitalize society.

Key Strengths


    Promote a Recurring
    Revenue Business Model
    By strengthening our defenses with a recurring revenue business model, we can strategically strike when the opportunity arises.
    A recurring revenue business model fuels our growth.

    O2O/OMO Strategy
    We have created the strongest model by combining our two foundations:
    - Real businesses (such as stores in prime locations in front of train stations and sales know-how)
    - With digital technology

    Entrepreneurial Group
    To diversify their earnings, our entrepreneurs have established a strong group structure with multiple companies and businesses by inspiring each other and growing their own companies with a larger vision.

    Management Rooted in Human Resource Development
    In our company`s management, we place the highest importance on "human resource development".
    Because we believe that a company is a public institution within society, we emphasize management focused on fostering people`s growth. This entails consistently expanding the number of people who can learn and evolve alongside us, contribute to the company`s growth and positively impact society with sincerity, humility, and gratitude.

Growth Strategy

  • A synergistic group management focused on the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) area of telecommunications and IT
  • The creation of a stage, environment, and ecosystem that will serve as a soil for growth for venture companies.
We aim to develop a venture ecosystem essential to society.

In concrete terms, our growth strategy involves accumulating various assets such as information, expertise, networks, human resources, stores at prime locations. We intend to leverage these assets as a platform for advancing 5G, IoT, and AI technologies within the vast telecommunications and IT market. Additionally, we will enhance our technological capabilities, pursue diverse expansion opportunities (e.g., DX, SaaS, Tech), and aim to develop our group at the same time.

We are undoubtedly creating an "ascending escalator". Furthermore, we will implement strategies to fully utilize Shibuya Hikarie, which we have positioned as a key element of our branding strategy. This includes strengthening our creditworthiness and enhancing our recruitment efforts, leading to a significant leap forward.

    Entrepreneurs’ Conglomerate Premium Focus on ICT
    We are promoting a synergistic group management with a focus on the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) area of telecommunications and IT. With 35 businesses within the group, we have established a risk portfolio that does not stay with in-house production, creating an environment that allows us to grow regardless of economic downturns.

    Incubation Platform for Startup Ventures
    Through management camps and mentorship programs, we share experiences and offer advice, accompanying entrepreneurs on their growth journey. D-POPS GROUP itself is creating a stage, environment, and ecosystem that will serve as a soil for growth for venture companies.

    Implementation of our Four Basic Strategies
    "Organic growth of existing businesses", "Establishment of new businesses and companies", "M&A" and "CVC".

    By simultaneously pursuing these four strategies, we have accumulated an extensive pool of management resources and expertise that is unique to our group alone.
    By sharing these resources with the companies we support over the years, they have experienced genuine hands-on growth.
    Consequently, this contributes to the overall growth of the group.

    The Venture Ecosystem: A Growth Driver in its own Right
    As the ecosystem evolves and develops, the group of associates with diverse management resources continues to expand, resulting in the establishment of a stronger competitive advantage.
    Our goal is to become a distinctive venture group, with the ecosystem itself serving as the business model.

Board Members

D-POPS GROUP has a wide range of talents, from people who have served as executives and directors in large corporations, entrepreneurs who have developed businesses from scratch and created listed companies and multi-billion scale enterprises, founders who have created major global companies, to ambassadors who have supported Japan in the diplomatic world.
We are committed to working with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them realize IPOs and become professional managers, and to support their rapid growth.

Founder & CEOKazuhiro Goto

Kazuhiro Goto graduated from Musashi University, Faculty of Economics and studied abroad as a scholarship student at the University of Kent, England (majoring in International Relations). In 1997, he joined a venture company to train in entrepreneurship. D-POPS Corp., a origine of D-POPS GROUP and its subsidiary now. The goal was to establish a more sophisticated new distribution model in the continually growing telecommunications industry. In 2013, the company achieved group sales of 10 billion yen within 15 years of its founding. From the fiscal year 2014 to 2015, he served as the 19th term chairman at EO Japan (Entrepreneurs’ Organization Japan), which gathers rapidly growing young entrepreneurs. Currently, under D-POPS GROUP, he manages 19 business companies. His management philosophy is strongly influenced by Konosuke Matsushita, and his business strategy is influenced by Den Fujita. D-POPS GROUP'S mid-term business plan aims for a group sales of 50 billion yen, while the long-term business plan aims for a group sales of 100 billion yen, and the company is making strides in expanding its business.

ChairmanSachio Semmoto

Sachio Semmoto graduated from the Engineering Faculty of Kyoto University, and then joined the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (now NTT). He completed his doctoral program at the University of Florida as a Fulbright scholar. During his time as a department head at the Kinki Telecommunication Bureau, he met Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic, which led him to decide to start his own business. Alongside Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera, he co-founded Daini Denden (later known as KDDI). He held positions such as Vice President of Daini Denden and President of DDI Tokyo Pocket Telephone (now known as Y!mobile). After serving as a professor at the Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration from 1996, he founded eAccess and took the company public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section in record time. Subsequently, he founded eMobile and served as the company's Honorary Chairman until March 2014. He also held positions such as Visiting Professor at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Corporate AdvisorIchiro Fujisaki

Ichiro Fujisaki dropped out of Keio University's Faculty of Economics and training at Brown University and Stanford University graduate school in the United States, he joined Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1969. He served at various positions at the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia, the OECD Representation, the Ministry of Finance's Budget Bureau, the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom, and the Embassy of Japan in the United States. He held positions such as Director-General of the North American Affairs Bureau in 1999, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs in 2002, Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva in 2005, and Ambassador to the United States in 2008. After retiring, he served as a specially appointed professor and international strategy advisor at Sophia University, a board member of ITOCHU Corporation, a board member of Nippon Steel Corporation, and the Chairman of the Nakasone Peace Institute. He received the Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cordon, in 2022. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the Japan-United States Association, the Director-General of the Kita Kamakura Joshi Gakuen Foundation, and the Chairman of the International Education Promotion Association.

Non-executive directorShinichiro Naito

In 1991, Shinichiro Naito graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at Nihon University. He joined Recruit Co., Ltd. Human Resources Center (now Recruit Career Co., Ltd.) upon graduation. In 1996, he founded ALEST Co., Ltd. (now Findstar Co., Ltd.) and assumed the role of President and Representative Director. In 2002, he entered a niche media advertising agency business. As a pioneer in the industry, he conducted business with over 1,100 advertisers and recruited more than 3,000 niche media website. In 2012, he was awarded the "Management of the Year" award by the Diamond Management Club for creating a new advertising agency model in the direct marketing industry. In 2015, he became the representative of the Findstar Group. He has also served as the 25th term chairman of EO Tokyo Central, a global network organization for entrepreneurs and founders.

AdvisorFujiyo Ishiguro

Fujiyo Ishiguro graduated from Nagoya University's Faculty of Economics and earned an MBA from Stanford University in the US. After managing international marketing at Brother Industries, Ltd and leading new business ventures at Swarovski Japan, she founded a high-tech consulting firm in Silicon Valley. She worked on alliances and technology transfers between Japan and the US, with clients like Yahoo, Netscape, Sony, and Panasonic. In 1999, she joined NetYear Group's MBO and became its President and CEO from 2000 onward. Currently, she holds roles as Director and Chief Evangelist at NetYear Group Co., Ltd., and as a Director at Mitsui & Co., Ltd. In recent years, she's served in public capacities such as the IT Headquarters and Public-Private Data Strategy Council at the Cabinet Secretariat, the "Choosing the Future" Committee at the Cabinet Office, the Industrial Structure Council at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and the 2016 Japan-US Economic Research Council at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Genta Sugihara

Genta Sugihara graduated from the Faculty of Information Science at the University of Tsukuba in 1990, and he joined CSK (now SCSK). In 1993, he moved to Daini Denden (currently known as KDDI), where he engaged in various projects during the early stages of the PHS mobile phone business. Since 2001, he worked in the start-up and transformation phases of tech ventures such as AOL Japan, eMobile and Napster. In 2007, he joined Google Japan, where he served as Head of APAC Business Development and Director of Partner Business Solitions, Japan and Korea, and led various business alliances in Asia and contributed to the expansion of search market share and publishers' network. In 2016, he joined, Inc. as an Executive Officer of the Corporate Strategy Division, where he was responsible for M&A and startup investment worldwide. After serving as the Japan Country Manager of an Israeli tech venture, he was appointed as an advisor to the D-POPS GROUP in January 2024.

(Support Area)
  • IT & business development
  • Human resource development
  • International investments and partnerships

Tetsuya Watanabe

Tetsuya Watanabe graduated from Dokkyo University and joined Yodobashi Camera in April 1993 as the person in charge of communication and information products procurement. He implemented various business ideas on-site, such as broadband counters, mobile carrier-specific sales areas, 100-yen computers, entry packages for SIM cards, and SIM-free counters, contributing to the growth of Yodobashi (sales of 650 billion yen/profit of 55 billion yen) as one of the key players. After serving as an Executive Officer and Head of the Business Division at Yodobashi Camera, he founded W.H.O Corporation in 2016. Alongside providing consulting services to telecommunications and sales companies, he also ventures into various new businesses.Appointed Advisor of D-POPS Co., Ltd. in 2017, and appointed as Managing Executive Officer of D-POPS GROUP Co., Ltd. in 2021.

(Support Area)
  • Business strategy planning & execution
  • Organizational and operational improvement & reform
  • Procurement support & sales support

Yoshihiro Yoneya

Yoshihiro Yoneya left the Faculty of Economics at Hokkaido University and passed the Certified Public Accountant Exam in 2009. He joined the Financial Business Division of Deloitte Tohmatsu in 2010 at the Sapporo and Sendai offices. He engaged in financial statement audits and internal control audits for various companies including regional financial institutions. Through auditing regional financial institutions, he gained extensive experience in corporate analysis and advisory services. In 2018, he worked as a manager in the Corporate Accounting Department at Kita-no-Tatsujin Corporation, and in 2021, served as an overall leader in the Accounting Department at Tsuruha Holdings. He was in charge of handling consolidated financial statements for prime-listed companies, establishing management systems in financial accounting, management accounting, and taxation areas. He joined D-POPS GROUP in 2023, currently supporting the establishment of management systems for multiple companies within the GROUP, including PMI.

(Support Area)
  • Formulation of management accounting system
  • Financial accounting, tax accounting
  • Formulation of overall management control system

We have a top-tier team of professionals with senior management experience at leading Japanese and global companies, with annual sales ranging from multi-billion dollars to tens billion dollars. Beyond the support from our advisory board, our hands-on operational team actively supports the growth of our group companies. Moreover, in addition to fostering group synergies, we aim to strengthen our assistance for investment companies through our corporate venture capital (CVC) initiatives.


Company Name

October 1, 2015
(Established: February 4, 1998)

32F Shibuya Hikarie,
2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 150-8510

Board Members
CEO & Founder
Kazuhiro Goto
Sachio Semmoto
Corporate Advisor
Ichiro Fujisaki
Non-executive director
Shinichiro Naito
Fujishiro Ishiguro

Net Sales
26 billion yen
(Group consolidated FY2024 forecast)

Ecosystem Sales
260 billion yen (Combined sales from affiliated companies)
It represents the total sales of all the companies our group supports, including all group companies, investment companies, companies where we are involved as an outside director or mentor, and other related companies.

1374.72 million yen
(including Group-wide reserve fund)

Number of Companies 
in the Group
20 companies
(as of June 2024)

25 companies
(as of June 2024)

Number of Employees
(total number of all the group employees)


Our mission is to "create Japan's leading venture ecosystem."
We emphasize support for self-reliance and focus on developing a group of independent business leaders.
Join us in a partnership to grow together and shape our future.


We focus on investing in companies that demonstrate sustainable growth and innovative business models.
Below are some of the companies we are proud to invest in and support.